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Short Sale Vs Foreclosure Video

Let me Ask you a Question?
Can you think of someone you know that could benefit from my services and knowledge of expertise? Neighbor? Friend? Family Member? I have the resources to help save you from foreclosure & help salvage your credit.

Keep in mind this is no cost to you, the bank will pay for you to shortsale your home and avoid foreclosure.

In many cases banks will give you relocation allowance depending on the investor of your loan.

You don’t want a foreclosure on you credit file, when you go to look for housing again it will be more difficult.

Let me help you out of this financial situation you might be in and help salvage your credit.

This is no cost to you to speak with me.  Or list your home, I have all of the resources and means to see you through this process.

I am certified to help anyone in this situation. Give me a call today!!

See the link below I am CDPE Certified see my website link below.


New Extension of Debit Relief Just Released 2014 ClickHere


Quick Facts Via.

– Judicial Foreclosure Available – Yes

– Non – Judicial Foreclosure Available NO

Primary Security Instruments Mortgage

Timeline Typically 180Days

Right of Redemption Yes

Here are some examples of Qualified Hardships

Loss of Employment

Income Reduction

Business Failure

Damage to Property

Death or Spouse wage Earner

Service – Illness



Military Service

Payment Increase  or Mortgage Adjustment ( Can’t Pay)

Insurance or Tax Increase ( Can’t pay)

Too much Debt

Combination of the above


Want to know the value of your home now in today’s market. Concerned still you are under water?





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