Tuesday, October 17, 2017
By Kinsey Haddock
When Buying a Home- Home Inspection Advised - Check List


Home Inspection Checklist

Checklists & Categories in Florida

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 Checklist Essentials

Every property is unique and there is no one size fits all checklist that will be suitable for every home inspection.
And Florida homes have their own unique issues that must be inspected for a comprehensive Florida home inspection checklist.
The following are general inspection checklist categories, that should be included on any checklist used to inspect your home. (This list is not exhaustive).
As you go through this inspection check list, you may think of more items you would like to have inspected. Write these down.
Ask your licensed Florida home inspector ahead of time, before the inspection, if you want a specific area or system included in your home inspection. Termite also might be advised by most.


Inspection Checklist - Exterior

  • Structural Inspection - check for rotten wood, termites, broken bricks, mortar missing, alignment of walls, cracks in walls, places for water to seep in, and other structural issues.
  • Roof Inspection - check roof for broken/missing shingles, tarpaper bubbles, and broken patches.
  • Check any metal sheathing for extensive rust or corrosion, look for breaks or gutter problems.
  • Look at all walls and roof to look for any bowing or sagging (walls and roof should be straight and level lines)

  • Outside paint should look good and not be flaking or chipping.
  • Seals & Leaks Inspection - check around all windows, doors, and other features for possible rot or leaks.
  • Check the foundation as much as possible for cracks or any settlement from the house.
  • Check the overall lot to see if any landscaping will be necessary or if there will be any potential problems with insurance or safety.
  • Check to make sure there are no loose bricks on steps, rotting wood on decks, or shaky stair railings.
  • External Hazard Inspection - check to see if there are any tree branches overhanging the house, or any trees leaning or that appear unhealthy.


Inspection Checklist - Floors

  • Examine all floor coverings and transitions to ensure no major repairs are necessary.
  • Interior Inspection - carpet should not be separating from the floor.
  • Ceramics should not be broken, and tiles not peeling away from the floor.
  • Look for water stains, sloping, and sagging.

    Tile Flooring



Inspection Checklist - Walls
  • Randomly check interior walls for cracked or loose plaster.
  • Are the walls straight both vertically and horizontally?
  • Check for any signs that wall repairs are necessary.


Inspection Checklist - Ceilings

Sagging Ceilings
  • Check for any sagging, staining, or chips in the ceiling as these could indicate a leaky roof.
  • Electrical System Inspection - check all light fixtures for water damage, termites, or other problems.
  • If possible, check to see if light fixtures work.


Inspection Checklist - Doors & Windows
  • Windows & Doors - check to ensure that all windows and doors are in working order and that none of them need to be replaced.
  • Check to make sure that windows and doors close properly and have a tight weather seal when closed.
  • Check the condition of the door and window frames for cracked or damaged trim.


Inspection Checklist - Kitchen & Bath
  • Plumbing Inspection - check each fixture to make sure it is secure, free of cracks, and that all caulking appears solid and free of mold.
  • If possible, check water pressure, look for leaky faucets, and staining or rotting under the counter tops.
  • If kitchen appliances are part of the package, check each appliance to ensure it is in working order.


Inspection Checklist - Electrical

          Electrical Inspections help prevent possible Fire Damage and insure you are safe.

  • Spot check outlets -- at least one or two per room.
  • Check to ensure electrical boxes appear to be installed per building code.
  • Check the style, age, and working condition of the heating and cooling system.
  • Try to find out when it was installed and when it was last serviced.
  • Is all visible wiring in good condition?


Inspection Checklist - Mechanical

  • Look at the hot water heater and any plumbing visible. Look for rust, corrosion, or leaks.
  • Locate the emergency turn-off valve to the house water supply.
  • Inspect any upgrades.


Home Inspection Checklist Summary

The above categories cover the majority of household items for inspection.
An inspector should also look in the attic; in the garage; and under the house, if possible.
If your home has a swimming pool ask the inspector ahead of time if he inspects the pool -- some inspectors do and some do not.The better the checklist the better the home inspection.

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